Видеокамера JVC GY-HM850 обзор – видео

JVC GY-HM850 Review - Handheld Vs Shoulder-Mount Video Cameras

This short documentary explores the benefits of shoulder-mount over handheld video camera design and reveals why some ...


Shop at B&H http://bit.ly/JVCGY-HM850U http://bit.ly/JVCGY-HM890U JVC's newest's pro camcorder models, the HM850 and ...

The JVC GY-HM850 arrives!

The JVC GY-HM850 has just started shipping and we get our hands on one of the first in Europe. This is the camera we have ...


GY-HM850 琵琶湖 湖北 H.264 50Mbps.

Intro JVC GY HM8x0 series x264

Product Introduction GY-HM850/890 ENG/STUDIO Camera.

NC A&T JVC 750 Camera Certification Video

JOMC Students need to watch this video prior to taking the written and hands-on test. You must accomplish this prior to checking ...

Video Highlights of JVC GY-HM650 and GY-HM850/HY-HM890

From www.takeone.tv - Take One Film & Video is excited to be offering the great lineup from JVC. JVC is offering high quality, ...

JVC GY-HM890 camera

Understanding the camera settings on the JVC GY-HM890 for CBS12 news photographers.

JVC GY-HM890U ProHD Camcorder

Shop at B&H: http://bit.ly/JVCGY-HM890U The JVC GY-HM890U is a broadcast-oriented ProHD camcorder with an ...

201407 Webina DE GY HM850 890 Einführung x264 001

Produkt Einführung GY-HM850/890 ENG/STUDIO Kamera.

The JVC GY-HC900, a 1080p broadcast camcorder worth ditching 4K for?

Is 2020 the year of the camcorder? ENG cameras are so much more versatile than their hybrid mirrorless competition.

JVC 790 Camera

Demonstration of the JVC GY-HM790U Studio Camera at AVT.

Zoom and Low light JVC GY-HC550E comparison to Sony PXW-Z150

On the paper JVC GY-HC550E is the best camcorder for the price. That's why I compared it to my Sony PXW-Z150.

JVC GY-HM850 Test: A tiny bug closeup

Lens: Fujinon XA17x7.6BERM-M58B Lens works nicely on the JVC camera using a 2/3" to 1/3" adapter. The significant zoom ...

GY HM850 890

Características principales de la nueva serie 800 de JVC.

GY-HM750 Camera Introduction Video

Craig Yanagi of JVC Professional describes the features of JVC's new GY-HM750 ProHD Camera.

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